The last time I posted was almost two weeks ago. I’ve been very busy lately and my work schedule is just so busy that I’ve been a little bit away from the ‘blog-thing’. I couldn’t find the right time to shoot a few photos. I also couldn’t find myself the perfect pair of new shoes. For Fall actually. These days between the seasons are always the hardest times of the year, for me at least. I’m getting bored of my sandals and flats every year at the end of the summer. But it is also a bit too early for pair of new boots, jackets and knits. Do I have to buy some new summer shoes? Nahh, so I’ve shopping these two weeks to prepare myself for these rainy and colder days. Yay! I started with these pair of stunning shoes from Zara which I couldn’t resist. This is just a very short preview of my outfit post. More will continue of course..

8 Thoughts on “SHOES FOR FALL

  1. Yessssss these pre fall shoes are perfect!
    I am looking for some fall shoes too:)

    Have a great week

    Tamara Chloé

  2. love the shoes! great choice! looking forward to see the complete outfit!

  3. Those boots are definitly right for fall!!! So cool :)

  4. Love this shoes <3<3<3

  5. Love these shoes <3<3<3

  6. Fall or not, I always need a new addition….. LOL

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